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Pump Accessories

Pump accessories are devices that are attached to pumps in order to improve their performance or extend their range of applications. Shoufei has its own workshop for producing pump parts, advanced punching machine, lathe machine and CNC machine operated by skilled works, which can guarantee the quliaty of each parts. Shoufei supply the pump parts to many pump factories and pump repairing service centers all over the world.

  1. Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Pump
  2. Stainless Steel Multi-stage Centrifugal Pump
  3. High Pressure Pump Set
  4. Single Stage Circulation Centrifugal Pump
  5. Immersion Multistage Centrifugal Pump
  6. Horizontal Multistage Centrifugal Pump
  7. Pump Accessories
  8. Water Supply Equipment
  9. Fire Pump
Pump Accessories

Pump Accessories


Pump accessories are devices that are used to increase the efficiency of pumps or to protect them from damage. There are many different types of pump accessories, including impeller, chamber, bearing chamber, pump shaft, cylinder and so on. Pump accessories can be used to increase the flow rate of a pump, to reduce the noise level of a pump, or to improve the efficiency of a pump.


Pump accessories are designed to make pumping more efficient and easier. They include a variety of products such as valves, fittings, hoses, and gauges. Many of these products are necessary for the proper functioning of a pump, while others simply make the pumping process easier or more efficient. 

Pump Accessories Focus

Pump Accessories Focus

Pump accessories can be found at most hardware stores or online retailers.


There are a wide variety of pump accessories available on the market, ranging from simple adapters and hoses to more complex devices such as control panels and pressure switches. While some pump accessories are designed for specific types of pumps, others can be used with a variety of different pump models.


Pump accessories‘s focus is to provide the customer with a one stop shop for all of their needs when it comes to pumps and related products. We offer a wide variety of products from different manufacturers to meet the needs of our customers. We also offer a wide range of services, including repairs and maintenance, to keep your pumps running smoothly.


Pump Accessories Types

Pump Accessories Types

1. The pump casing is generally made of cast iron. If it is used to transport corrosive media, it is generally made of stainless steel. It may crack under the action of mechanical force or thermal stress. When the pump is frozen due to the impact of cavitation during operation or the water in the pump casing is not discharged in winter, it is also easy to crack. If the pump casing is too damaged to be repaired, it should be replaced with a new one.


Of course, under the condition that the product quality is guaranteed, the service life of the pump housing is quite long if it is used normally.


Therefore, if the customer chooses our pump product, the pump housing, including the pump body and pump cover, is not a vulnerable part, so it does not need to be kept in stock.


2. The pump shaft is generally made of carbon steel, including 45 # steel, 2Cr13, etc. It is also easy to be damaged due to manufacturing quality, use or installation. The pump shaft may have cracks, bending, journal wear, thread damage, etc., or fracture accidents. If the damage is too serious to repair, replace the shaft with a new one.


3. The function of the shaft sleeve is to protect the shaft. If the packing seal is used, the shaft sleeve shall bear the friction between the packing and the shaft. If the mechanical seal is used, the shaft sleeve is generally free from friction, but when the mechanical seal is damaged due to failure, the shaft sleeve may also be damaged by the friction of the damaged mechanical seal. Therefore, it is recommended that the shaft sleeve be used as a vulnerable part for standby.


4. Impeller is an important working part of the water pump, which is made of cast iron for the occasion of conventional water delivery; For the transportation of chemical media, it is made of stainless steel. The impeller may have cracks. Cavitation may cause holes or perforations on the surface. The blade will be thin or eccentric worn, or even broken by debris. Some defects can be repaired; If some defects cannot be repaired, replace the impeller with a new one. Therefore, although the impeller is not a vulnerable part, it should also be kept ready.


5. Bearings. The bearing bush of sliding bearing is made of copper tin alloy with poor wear resistance. It is one of the most easily worn and burnt parts. Generally, the bearing bush can be repaired or replaced with a new one. Generally, the average service life of rolling bearings is 25000 hours, but they are easily worn or destroyed due to improper installation, long service life or poor maintenance. Therefore, the bearing should be prepared regularly.


6. The mouth ring, also known as the leakage reducing or wear reducing ring, is one of the most easily worn parts in the water pump. It can be repaired or replaced after wear. When replacing a new leakage reducing ring, its inner diameter shall be configured according to the outer diameter of the impeller inlet. If the outer diameter of the impeller inlet is worn, it can be turned to eliminate grooves and ellipses, and then a leakage reducing ring with reduced inner diameter can be configured. Generally, the outer diameter of the impeller inlet can be turned three times. Therefore, the ring should be used as a wearing part.


7. Shaft seal. Including packing seal or mechanical seal. The packing will become hard and lose elasticity after being used for a long time, which will cause air and water leakage of the water pump. Generally, new packing should be replaced. The service life of the mechanical seal is generally 2~3 years, so it should also be prepared regularly.


8. The oil seal is a rubber product, which is easy to wear and aging, and generally needs to be replaced with a new one.


9. Auxiliary seals in the pump. Many places inside the pump are equipped with O-rings, rectangular rings, etc. These auxiliary seals are generally made of rubber materials or other non-metallic materials. Replacement is required during maintenance.

Pump Accessories Manufacturers

Pump Accessories manufacturers

Shoufei Pump Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of valves, pump accessories and other products, with a complete and scientific quality management system. Shoufei Pump Accessories Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is recognized by the industry for its integrity, strength and product quality. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide and negotiate business.


Shoufei Pump Accessories Manufacturer is known as one of China's biggest Pump Accessories Manufacturer. Pump Accessories are a superior product in the Metal Market. These Pump Accessories come in various sizes, shapes, and dimensions and can be modified to match our customers' specific requirements.


Shoufei Pump Accessories Manufacturer sells and distributes Pump Accessories that have been thoroughly tested. Pump Accessories at Shoufei are subjected to demanding hardness tests before being distributed to our customers. Our Pump Accessories and various variants are manufactured in China under international standards and in cheap price.


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