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Fire Pump

A fire pump is a device that helps move water from one place to another. It can be used to pump water from a well or lake, and it can also be used to boost water pressure in a fire hose. Fire pumps are an important part of a fire fighting team, and they can be used to help put out small fires or to keep a larger fire from spreading.We are one of the leading Fire Pump manufacturers and Exporter and suppliers. 

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Fire Pumps

Fire Pumps

A fire pump is a device that helps to move water from one place to another.  It is often used to move water from a fire hydrant to a hose or from a water tank to a hose.  Fire pumps can also be used to move water from one fire truck to another.


Fire pumps can either be powered by an electric motor or a diesel engine.  The primary purpose of a fire pump is to provide the high-pressure water needed to operate a fire hose.  A typical fire pump has a rated flow rate of between 1,500 and 2,000 gallons per minute (gpm). 


The pump operations are typically controlled by an automatic sprinkler system panel.  A jockey pump is often used to maintain water pressure in the system and is usually powered by an electric motor. 

Fire Pump manufacturers and suppliers

Fire Pump manufacturers and suppliers 


Shoufei Pump one-stop Pump factory for many years, Shoufei Pump has been committed to manufacturing a variety of high-quality water valves. We continue to expand our product line, starting with brass fittings and valves. With on-site production processes and readily available durable materials, we export water valve components to 78 countries to meet growing demand. As a result of our efforts to innovate and improve quality control, our products are strongly supported by important markets and exported to 78 countries. As we remain committed to serving our customers, we expand our product line to face new trends and adapt to customer needs with improved OEM support.

Parts of Fire Pumps

Parts of Fire Pumps


A fire pump is an important part of a fire fighting system. It is a device that increases the pressure of water in the system, making it more effective at fighting fires. The most common type of fire pump is a centrifugal pump, which uses a rotating impeller to move water through the system.


The average fire pump is made up of five main parts: the power source, the pump, the pressure relief valve, the suction hose, and the discharge hose. The power source can be either an electric motor or a gasoline engine. The pump itself is usually a piston-type or a centrifugal-type pump. The pressure relief valve is used to regulate the pressure within the fire pump so that it does not exceed the maximum safe limit. The suction hose is used to draw water from a nearby water source, such as a hydrant or a pond. The discharge hose is used to direct the water to where it is needed, such as to a fire hydrant or to a hose that leads directly to the scene of a fire.


About Water pump for commercial building


Water pumps come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit different commercial building needs. The type of pump chosen will depend on the size of the building and its water pressure requirements. For large commercial buildings, a powerful and reliable pump is necessary to ensure optimal performance.


About booster pump for fire fighting


A booster pump for fire fighting is a crucial component of any fire safety system. It helps to ensure that the water pressure coming from a fire hydrant is sufficient to operate the fire sprinklers, hoses, and other fire-fighting equipment. Booster pumps can help to increase the flow of water so that firefighters have enough water to put out a fire quickly and effectively. They are an important part of any commercial or residential building’s fire safety system.


About fire pumps and systems


Fire pump systems are usually located in buildings such as hospitals, schools, malls, and other commercial properties. This is because these buildings often contain a large amount of combustible materials that need to be protected from the spread of fire and smoke. The pumps are also often connected to an external water source such as a lake or river in order to provide a continuous supply of water for firefighting.


About types of fire pumps systems


Fire pumps systems are essential components of a fire protection system. They provide the necessary water pressure to ensure that fire sprinklers, hoses, and other suppression systems can operate effectively. There are three main types of fire pumps systems: centrifugal, electric motor driven and diesel engine driven.


Fire water pump systems are designed to be easy to operate and maintain, ensuring they are ready when needed. They are also built with safety features such as non-return valves, pressure relief valves and alarms to alert operators when there is an issue. 


About booster pump for commercial building


Booster pumps are a great option for commercial buildings that need more pressure than what their current water system provides. These pumps provide additional pressure to meet the demands of high-traffic areas such as restaurants, hotels, and other commercial spaces.

We offer a wide range of horizontal multistage centrifugal pumps that are widely used in various industries for different applications.These pumps are available in different sizes  designs to meet the specific requirements of our clients.


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